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The New Business Casual: Workwear That's Not Stuffy

In our changing business world, the 10-hour wait to receive a telegram from Western Union has been reduced to a 10-second wait for email. Business has undergone a revolution, and so has business attire. Thankfully, today's working woman is no longer constrained by corporate conventions or required to dress like a man to climb the career ladder. You have a wide range of fashions to choose from, and you can make your mark in style and comfort.

For one thing, a woman's work wardrobe can include a whole range of colors. Kudos to those who have ditched their classic navy interview suits for a softer shade of powder blue. And why not punch up that charcoal gray two-piece with a hot pink camisole? Your business attire can be as colorful as a box of crayons, with vibrant shades that radiate style.

The modern working woman's wardrobe is more versatile too. Pantsuits are as viable as suits with skirts, and skirt lengths fluctuate from short and sassy to long and sensual. Even knee-length skirts have resurfaced with a new contoured shape that celebrates femininity. By the same token, the three-quarter-sleeve button down you wear under your suit at the noon meeting also pairs up nicely with the jeans you're wearing to the movies tonight. And you can slip off the silk cardigan from your twin set and sport the matching tank as you run outside into the midday sun for lunch.

Accessories have also raised the working woman's wardrobe to new heights. The testosterone-laden ties and restrictive bows of yesteryear have blossomed into colorful scarves and flashy brooches. Decorative hosiery jazzes up single-color ensembles. And your feet can express themselves freely - in mules, flats, and strappy sandals. Today's working woman is a gal on the go, and business fashions have finally adapted to her busy life. So toss out those cumbersome career clothes and put together a work wardrobe that fits your style and flatters your figure. Dressing for the office has never been more fun!