Welcome to illyabbi
A collection of work to showcase some of my talents. I've worked with the Internet for over a decade now and still can't get enough of the amazing technology and people!

illyabbi is my portfolio collection of past projects — you can find examples of some of the cool stuff I've come across and incorporated into various projects.
From Marvel Comics prototypes to 3D ecommerce, I've been lucky enough to have been able to work on several really interesting things. — Please take a look!

Norma Kamali 3D.

Fashion Week 2012. 5 weeks site build. Inspired with Norma's visions of bringing a catalog to life, shoppers can see the merchandise in action!

Norma Kamali Ecommerce.

Head-to-toe eCommerce with EDI, ERP, Fulfillment & Accounting systems as well. Transformed to gross over 1,250%! Not to mention, NK is in Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Bloomingdales & countless smaller retailers throughout the country!

Stop Objectification.

Wordpress site up and running in one week. Customization took two more, with multiple concurrent Ajax forms for image upload and mail subscription. Of course the pidly validation was mandatory.


Ecommerce back in 2000? Yes we did. Along with Casual Corner Group.

Marvel Comics Prototype.

Here is an example of what javascript looked like at the beginning of the millenium. Not bad for something over a decade old, don't you think?

Dr Sandra Scantling.

My first complete site build at an agency with design, a js quiz & javascript rollovers! I can't believe they are still using my exact code & design all these years!


Let me know of any of your thoughts. I certainly welcome any interesting ideas and love making new friends.